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           Proverbs 27:23-27 says:

"Be sure you know the condition of your flocks,
give careful attention to your herds;
 for riches do not endure forever,
and a crown is not secure for all generations.
 When the hay is removed and new growth appears
and the grass from the hills is gathered in,
the lambs will provide you with clothing,
and the goats with the price of a field.
 You will have plenty of goats’ milk to feed your family
and to nourish your female servants."



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 *Once again, our herd has tested completely CAE negative!



Report DateAssay/AnimalNumber of Samples Processed
11/08/2016Goat CAE - 8 sample(s)8

% Inhibition = 35 % Inhibition > 40 % Inhibition = 30 to 40 % Inhibition < 30
Tube NumberAnimal ID% Inhibition in TestStatus


Qadosh Adamah and Streams of Mercy

 Essentially Qadosh Adamah and Streams of Mercy are the same herd of ADGA lamancha dairy goats raised here at Provision Farm.  One herd is owned by our son and the other is owned by our daughter.  All goats are raised on the same premises and given the same care.   We participate in linear appraisal and show locally and minimally.  We have been CAE negative for years, and have never had a case of CL, johnes, or brucellosis. 



 Aside from simply breeding and raising our lamancha dairy goats, we also use their milk to make delicious, homemade goat's milk caramel and also natural goat's milk soap.  Please visit our Products page to view what we have to offer.  If you are a fan, please leave a testimony to share on our page! 


Our Goals:

Our lamanchas are incredibly important to us.  In our small operation, we breed for a stylish and balanced lamancha.  Our top goals include production, dairy character, ease of hand milking, good temperament, longevity, strength, and hardiness. We maintain a very small milking herd, so even does that fit into our ideal are oftentimes offered for sale to keep our numbers low.  The lower we can keep our numbers, the closer we keep to our goals and the better care we can afford to offer our remaining herd.





Our practices:

All baby goats you purchase will be disbudded and tattooed and will have been on a coccidia prevention program and have received a Bos-E shot upon birth.  Babies are either raised on a tested CAE negative dam or bottle-fed milk from CAE negative does.  I will not be responsible for registering your kid, but I will provide the necessary paperwork for you to send into ADGA if you wish to register your own animal.  If purchased as a bottle baby, you will be the caregiver during infancy and not me, so their headstart in life will be up to you.  However, all weaned babies will have been exposed to bottles so they are friendlier and allowed access to hay, 16% protein goat grain, and loose minerals. We are a small farm with a small herd of goats and are able to devote much one-on-one care with our animals.  Medications are used minimally and judiciously.  All mature animals will have been CAE tested with results shared openly.  We have never had a case of CL, johnes, or brucellosis and have no reason to test for it.  We are open to testing, though, at buyers expense.





 "I have the pleasure of giving testimonies on soap, caramel AND goats  Caramel is decadent. Soap lathers well and smells SO good. Love the lemon poppyseed one! AND the goats?? Beautiful animals that have beautiful temperaments! While I cannot attest to production yet as I am waiting for our 1 doe to kid out this upcoming spring for the first time, I have NO reservations about that as the proof is in the pail with all dairy girls on Qadosh Adamah farm  (The best though?? The person who runs all the above. I dare you to find someone who is more conscientious and has more integrity than Adrienne. She stands behind her products and if there is an issue,. even if she is not in the wrong, she will painstakingly go the extra mile to make it right for the person.)" -L.S.,DVM, Columbia Station, OH


 "We have two of the most magnificent animals from your farm - Faith our doeling got her dry leg at 2 months of age - her dam was Pray for Korea and her sire was Bon Jovi - the buck we added to our herd from Qadosh Adamah Dairy Goats has already covered 5 of our does - extremely correct, and we are expecting good things from him as an addition to our herd - the trip to Ohio was well worth it considering not only did we get two beautiful goats but a jar of cajeta that was fought over with love to the last lick of the spoon we put in the jar - we will be back!"-K.C., Arkansas


 "How is it possible for you to keep that caramel in stock?! Love it!! "-S.W., Kentucky


 "Love your caramel. Perfect texture & flavor." -B.G., Elmore, OH


 " I own a Qadosh Adamah doe that I purchased in march of this year. At 8 months old is over 100 lbs and ready for breeding! I am so excited to see what she brings to my small herd. I've also been using the goat milk soap designed for acne. It works so well I've had to fight my teenagers for it I am so grateful to have found an all natural alternative for my acne prone sensitive skin that WORKS!" -J.C., Wilmington, OH


 "I always make sure to get the "Pumpkin Spice" goat Caramel when it is in season and I just love it. Makes for great coffee. Also good to use as a dip for apples this time of year. I also use the goat milk soap for a facial cleanser and it works so much better than regular facial cleanser you buy at the store. I even introduced my boyfriend to it and he loves it now. Prefers using that over his regular soap he has been using for years. Helps very well for break-outs. Only soap we both use for facial cleanser and he even uses it for a all over body soap. The soap smells amazing and the caramel tastes even better"-F.D., Delta, OH


I love the goat's milk soap. I have very sensitive skin, and it can be difficult to find soaps that I can use on my face that are hypoallergenic and fragrance- free. For a while I had been looking for something with which to wash my face that didn't involve chemicals. My Mom gave me a few of the bars she had, and I love them! The soap doesn't irritate my skin at all, and I feel good using it because I know where it came from and that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals (or at least very little)."-B.R., Mentor, OH


"Your caramel sauce is absolutely AMAZING!! The first time I tried it I knew I would be hooked!!! I can't imagine the work that goes into each jar. The time and effort it takes me to consume one is almost shameful!!! - K.A., Chardon, OH


 "smells so good. Lavender goat milk soap thanks Qadosh Adamah Dairy Goats I absolutely love it"-L.K., West Union, OH


 "I just love the two goats we bought from you. They are the most lovable goats. Your family gave the babies so much attention that they grew up to be very lovable goats. I highly recommend anyone looking for a goat to buy from you. Yes I drove quite a ways but don't regret it at all." - M.H., Arkansas


"We have been using the goats milk soap for a number of months now. My daughter and I have skin issues and it's been really helpful to keep flare-ups down. Glad we found goats milk soap!" -L.R., Mentor, OH

 ' Omgoodness gracious it is AMAZING!!! I have never even really likes caramel! But that is phenomenal! ' -M.P., Wauseon, OH

 "A month ago I found some of your soap that I had stashed under my bathroom sink. It was so luxurious to use in the shower with my loofah, and it still smells awesome!"-R.P., Chardon, OH


 "I received the caramel today!!!! OMG sooooo good. Now you are in trouble! I am addicted. I put some in my coffee for a nice after dinner dessert coffee. Now I have to try out my ice cream maker so I can have some on top. This won't be my last 3 jars!!! I am afraid it won't last long."-K.P., Michigan


 Aside from just breeding our lamancha dairy goats, we also use the goat's milk for making fresh goat's milk caramel (also called 'cajeta') and goat's milk soap.  Please visit our products page to view what we have to offer and leave a testimony if you are a fan of it!
 Aside from just breeding our lamancha dairy goats, we also use the goat's milk for making fresh goat's milk caramel (also called 'cajeta') and goat's milk soap.  Please visit our products page to view what we have to offer and leave a testimony if you are a fan of it!
 Aside from just breeding our lamancha dairy goats, we also use the goat's milk for making fresh goat's milk caramel (also called 'cajeta') and goat's milk soap.  Please visit our products page to view what we have to offer and leave a testimony if you are a fan of it!